Thursday, October 23, 2008


Attention, those of you who have read local newspapers and are left with the impression that Woodstock (and Olive and Shandaken) will save money if the County "takes over the election costs," you are being seriously misled.

If the County takes over these costs, the taxpayers living in the towns will still pay them, only it will be through their county tax instead of their town tax.

The formula the County adopted two years ago for apportioning election costs among the townships was based on their respective percentage of registered voters. Based on this formula the 2009 elections tab for Woodstock is $52,996, for Olive $36,246 and for Shandaken $25,554.

Yes, these are obscene figures


If the County "Takes over the election costs," the tab will be distributed to the townships on an ad valorum bases (assessed value), and the tab for Woodstock would be $94,192, for Olive $66,157 and for Shandaken $42,700.

Denning and Hardenburgh will be hit for $8916 (up from $4343) and $9921 (up from $2119), respectively.


Don't say you weren't told. Pass this on to your legislator. Write a letter to the editor. Don't be had.

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